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Never Unpack Again! The Packing Cube - Reinvented - each set includes 3 sizes (small, medium and large) of pod and carry strap.


  • Designed to fit in every bag shape
  • Rolling clothes saves space and reduces creasing
  • Outer material made of 100% recycled plastic bottles
  • Access your wardrobe quickly
  • Custom G-hook to hang from rails & hooks
  • Converts easily to a day bag

The Trtl Packing Pods are literally full of cool features that give you many ways to pack with them, hang them and take them with you everywhere! From our unique take on the packing cube that utilizes rolling instead of folding your clothes to the innovative G-Hook hanging system that creates a portable wardrobe on the go, the Trtl Packing Pods have the flexibility to meet your needs.

Packing Pods can be hung in a variety of ways, depending on your situation.

G Hook - Got nothing more than a nail or a hook in the wall? No problem, our custom G-Hook means your Packing Pod hangs securely from the smallest of edges.
Over Rail - That rail in your hotel closet? Perfect for creating a secure hanging loop by wrapping a Packing Pod’s grab strap around it and fastening on the G-Hook.
Daisy Chain - Want to connect your pods together? Every Packing Pod has webbing loops on the back so you can hang them off each other. Easy, fast and secure.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Sarah A.
Totally converted to Trtl Packing Pods!

Have used packing cubes for years, but find these so much more versatile and effective. So delighted with my Trtl Packing Pods that I've bought more for Christmas presents.

Game Changer!

I adore a packing cube and after watching a user review video I was intrigued. Didn't like them for my carry-on but I love them for my checked luggage. And to be able to use the pod as a bag on the go is genius! I love the option to hang the bags wherever! So cool!

Sarah M.
Really Great

Exactly what I wanted and needed. We will see how they do when traveling. The size is a little smaller than I thought, but I actually wanted them a little smaller so that worked great.

Victoria O.
Durable and versatile

Their construction looks like I can use these for my frequent travel for years to come. I need to review before my next trip how many ways they can be used for packing and hanging. This will make a bus trip through a country much more pleasant as you pack up each night.

Amir E.
Works well enough

Not sure if it actually creates more room, but the pods work as described. I didn't actually end up hanging them, but it was nice to start rolling my clothes instead of folding. Made it easy to find things when I needed them.

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