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The Trtl neck pillow combines super-soft, hypoallergenic fleece with hidden internal neck support to hold your head and neck in the best position for sleeping. Our neck pillow has been scientifically proven to be better than a U-shaped neck pillow and has been strategically designed to prevent stiff necks and sore shoulders. This means that you will never need to struggle to find a comfortable sleeping position again.


  • Scientifically proven neck support with adjustable fastening
  • Half the size of a U-shaped travel pillow and weighs half a pound
  • Machine washable super-soft fleece

With tighter and tighter weight restrictions when you travel with a carry on bag, why waste your allowance on bulky, heavy U-shaped travel pillows that take up space. The Trtl Travel Pillow is half the weight of a traditional U-shaped pillow and is so compact to carry with you. The Trtl wraps around straps on bags and is small enough that even inside your hand luggage it takes up a fraction of the space. Great for traveling with family where 4+ travel pillows can quickly become cumbersome.

Featured in publications such as GQ, Business Insider, Thrillist, Travel + Leisure, The Strategist, and many more.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews Write a review

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