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The Absorber® Mini

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The same superior drying power as the legendary Absorber, out-performing several terry cloth towels or leather chamois at once. Use the mini at home or on the go -- it's the best microfiber towel for travel.

The Absorber Mini allows you to travel light. Its small size is perfect to dry your motorcycle, clean up the kitchen, and bring along as a compact drying tool while camping! No matter the purpose, the Absorber Mini offers all of the same legendary drying capabilities as the original, in half the size. You can expect the same quality PVA (Poly Vinyl Alcohol) material that won’t harm you paint surface or skin. Simply rinse out the Absorber Mini when you are finished and store it in its handy tube. Convenience and practicality -- what more could you ask for?

Great Multipurpose Towel
Ideal for vehicles, boats, personal drying, dogs, household chores, and more!

ABSORBENT: Spend less time drying and more time enjoying life.
SOFT & SAFE: Easy on your hands and easy on your car.
RESISTANT: Resistant to mold, mildew, and most chemicals.
MACHINE WASHABLE: Wash and reuse the Absorber for years to come.
CONVENIENT: Comes with the perfect storage tube for at home or on-the-go.

🇯🇵 Made in Japan

Product dimensions: 13 in. x 17 in.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Ronald W. Harrison
Light, Durable and Highly Functional! Useful on Longer Backpacking Trips!

Purchased one of these highly functional chamois, cut it in half, gave one half to my girlfriend to keep in her pack, and keep the other in my backpack. We use these to mop up condensation/rain on our tent fly before packing it up. Using them on longer, section-hikes on the Florida Trail and Appalachian Trail.

Very light, durable, and functional. They clean up nicely by simply washing them after a few trips. The only downside is that they become hard as a rock when they dry out.

Great for drying stuff and drying it well without water spots.

I've been using the full sized version of these since the early 90s to dry my car after washing it. They're awesome. I don't know what they're made of but it must be a collaboration between NASA and space aliens. All the drying power of sheep skin chamois but with all the laziness of a dish towel. If you were ever scammed into buying Sham-Wow products, try this and be amazed at what is REALLY possible. I wanted a smaller one for my backpack… and now I have one.

Donna S.
Surprisingly Awesome Product!

I had never heard of this product before. I just happened to run across it while searching for a regular chamois. After reading all the great reviews, I decided to give this a try - even though I still ordered a chamois! I bought them to dry off my car after washings. Well, I have to say this is one of the best things I've ever purchased! I'm not kidding! I never even used the chamois! I don't know what this thing is made of, but the Absorber is awesome! It soaked up all the water from my car - ALL THE WATER! It didn't even leave streaks. I'm extremely impressed with this product. So impressed that I am going to buy a few more - some for myself, some for my parents. They may be skeptical at first, just as I was, but I know they will love it immediately! I'll keep you posted!

randy d
Multi-use miracle towel

I bought this small size for my disc golf bag, but here's my full review on this towel: This towel is amazing. I bought one of these 10 years ago when I bought my Lexus, and I used it to dry the car off many times. Then for some reason I stopped using it a few years ago and left it in the case in the trunk. It dried up like a piece of old cardboard, stiff and useless looking. Then I soaked it in warm water and washed it out and wrung out all the water and LIKE NEW!!!! Never rotted or got smelly. In fact, the next thing I did was put it in my gym bag and use it for a shower towel right away. Not as soft and warm as cotton, but takes NO space in my bag, and I can wring it out almost totally dry and put it right back in the tube for next time. No more gym towels in the laundry, no more remembering to take a clean towel, and my bag just got bigger! So all I have done since then is buy new ones in every size and put my old one back in the car. The 29x18 is a little easier to handle as a gym towel, but it still fits in the tube made for the 27x17, which is great. I consider it the luxury version of a somewhat spartan application for this marvelous piece of towel technology. The way this cleans up and stores (a ziploc works fine, too, for a tighter space) is almost too good to be true, but real.

Great for Travel

Absorber is a great travel towel. Two of my summer trips involve very humid weather the whole week. No hope of drying a towel. The absorber is the perfect solution. It doesn't have to be dry before it is ready to absorb tons of water again.
Tip: I did find that it smells much better when you leave it to air dry between uses. Storing it damply in the container had previously led to a very stinky towel halfway through the week. No problems when it air dried.
I purchased the small size so it will fit right in my toiletry bag. It works just fine. However, if you want to try to tie up your hair with the absorber, you might want a larger size.
My only complaint is that I was sent a white (maybe cream) colored absorber. That is not a good idea if you care about the appearance of your "towel." The white looks grungy after only a few uses. Our colored versions look fine.

Great product.