Wentworth Pewter 6oz Round Pewter Flask

6oz Round Pewter Flask

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Beautiful, chic design, modern as well as traditional. This flask is a classy accessory for entertainment on the go. Sleek and slender, it easily fits into most purses. It also makes an elegant gift for a lady in your life.
Wentworth Pewter is a hallmark of quality, heritage and craftsmanship. Each product has been lovingly handcrafted, one piece at a time, in Sheffield, UK, the heart of the metalwork industry.  It’s the unique combination of innovative design and traditional skill that makes Wentworth Pewter standout. Hold one of these flasks in your hand and you’ll be able to see and feel the difference by the weight, finish and polish of every piece.
  • 6oz capacity round pewter flask
  • Bright polished finish
  • Screw top
  • Flask is able to stand

Height: 115 mm Width: 95 mm Depth: 25 mm

🇬🇧Made in the U.K.