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UNIVERSAL : All-In-One Travel Charger
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UNIVERSAL: All-In-One Travel Charger

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Life should be about the journey, not reaching your destination before you need a charge. UNIVERSAL is your all-in-one charger no matter where life takes you. Use the built-in power bank or included world travel adapters to plug in and charge anywhere with USB-A, USB Type-C, or wireless charging.

  • 6700mAh Powerbank
  • US, EU, UK, AU Travel Adapters
  • Wireless Fast Charge for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy
  • USB-A and USB-C for multi-device compatibility
  • 18W output

Whether you are climbing Table Mountain in South Africa or sitting at your desk in New York City, Fuse Chicken has products Designed for Life and Inspired by Yours.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Perfect All in One Charger

I got this after my backpacking trip though Southeast Asia, and I wish I had this for the trip. I was carrying a charger, adapters, and a portable battery. I didn't think an extra few pounds would make a difference, but on a few mountain hikes they were killing me, This does it all - adapters, charger, battery, and wireless charger. It's possible to charge a laptop, iPad, phone and the internal battery all at the same time. And it's very well made.

Jetset Customer
On Point

Perfect for on the go and traveling. Fast device charge, wireless pad for phone. Don't know what i have done without this in my bag

Colin F Armstrong
All Works Great


A good unit, with outlet adapters that work

I used this charger/external battery pack on a 2-week trip to Europe earlier this summer. It worked as described, and quickly charged everything, including an Anker external battery quite quickly. I find it somewhat disconcerting that when charging an iPhone and iPad, and camera batteries, it turns off the charging function and has to have its button pressed to resume doing so when batteries are about 70-80% charged. Sometimes it had to be done a second time. Not the case charging the Anker battery. I understand it's a function of the smart-charging circuitry that assumes optimal charge to be less than 100%. I used both the US and European adapters (which are cross-compatible with an Apple computer charger) without a problem. While the price seems a little steep, it seems to be solidly built, and once I got used to having to make sure it charged things all the way (I was away from outlets most of the day and needed full charges), I was impressed at its batter capacity and the speed with which it charged things. Recommend.

Robert W. Kembel
Generally Like This

Generally like this for both its charging capabilities and battery. However, a couple of comments to be aware of.

First, when plugged into a US outlet, the unit is vertical and you can't lay the phone on it to use the wireless charger. If you have plugged it into an extension cord or power strip, you can lay it horizontally to use the wireless charging. However, needing a cord kind of defeats the universal nature of this charger.

Secondly, If you leave the USB cable plugged in, but unplug your phone, the USB charger will shut off after a few seconds. Plugging the phone into the loose end of the cable does not turn the charger back on and you need to either press the power button, unplug and replug the USB cable, or unplug the unit from the wall. As I tend to leave the unit plugged into the wall with the USB cable attached, plugging the phone into the end of the USB cable did not turn the charger on and consequently my phone didn't charge overnight. This is different behavior from other chargers I have used where I can leave the charger plugged in with the cable attached and just connect my phone to the end of the cable and have it charge up.

Don't expect to find any helpful information on the web site that describes this behavior or when to use the on/off switch or the meaning of the red/green pilot light.