Ultralight Control Systems Single handle GoPro tray 4 1/2″ TR-GP

Single handle GoPro tray 4 1/2″ TR-GP

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TR-GP Single handle underwater GoPro tray 4 1/2" long with tripod mount attached and 1/4"-20 hole for mounting a TR-DH or TR-DHB handle.

Dimensions: 4.5" x 1.125" x 1.5"

Ultralight Control Systems has been serving the underwater photography and cinematography industry since 1995. Their products serves the cine industry as well as amateurs with a love for underwater photography. ULCS has camera trays for just about any housing for both video or still photography.

Ultralight Control Systems manufactures sturdy lightweight machined aluminum camera, video, and monitor accessories such as arms, clamps, trays, base adaptors, handles, monitor mounts, assorted brackets, and more.

Watch the video to find the best tray for your equipment!

All of the parts are aircraft-grade aluminum (6061), each piece is machined from billet aluminum, polished, and then hard anodized to government specifications. ULCS anodizes all of their parts to make sure they will hold up to the harshest environments. All black parts have Type 3 hard anodizing and the colored parts, in green, red and blue have Type 2. The main difference between Type 3 and Type 2 anodizing is that Type 3 has a thicker anodized coating, is more durable, and has higher corrosion resistance to dissimilar metals than Type 2. 

All ULCS products are manufactured & assembled in the USA using US materials.

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