Small 1 1/4″ Diameter Buoyancy Arm DB-B16

Small 1 1/4″ Diameter Buoyancy Arm DB-B16

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The DB-B16 is a 16" double ball 1 1/4" diameter buoyancy arm

Dimensions: 17" x 1.250" x 1.250"
Weight out of water: .362 lb

Buoyancy arms play a critical role in setting up your camera rig for use underwater and getting it neutrally buoyant.

Most camera setups are heavy (negatively buoyant), causing wrist and arm fatigue when trying to hold it steady for that perfect picture. Having the camera setup too light (positively buoyant) can also cause problems with fatigue. The best option is to have your camera rig neutrally buoyant or very close to it, thereby reducing fatigue and making it much easier to compose that perfect picture.

Ultralight buoyancy arms are made from machined aluminium with the ends being sealed using o-rings and then glued to the tube creating an airspace inside of each arm. To see the difference in buoyancy of each arm and how to figure out what is needed for your camera rig please see our Buoyancy Arm Specification page for more info and this excellent video on how to achieve neutral buoyancy for your camera rig.

*All Ultralight arms are measured from center of O-ring to center of O-ring.

For more information, please watch our video about our buoyancy arms.

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