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Universal Smartphone Housing KRH06

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Yes, that’s right: Universal, anodized aluminum underwater housing for your smartphone! This housing has an adjustable shim system in it allowing you to fit many of the popular phones on the market into it.

Maximum phone dimensions: 165 mm in height, 85 mm in width, and 9.5 mm in thickness (6.49" high/ 3.34" wide/ 0.37" thick). The phone should have a flat back, curved back phones will not sit in the housing properly. If your phone is these dimensions or less, you should have no problem using the housing.

Maximum Depth Rating: 262 feet/ 80m

To find the dimensions of your phone, look up your smartphone model at www.gsmarena.com. If the dimensions are less than the ones provided above, your phone should work fine in our housing.

A vacuum port system guarantees no more worry about whether your seal is safe. Simply give a couple pulls on the vacuum pump (included) and the housing will let you know that it has a vacuum and is safe to dive.

Free app for both Android and IOS available to download. Google Pixel users can access additional features by using this app.

The housing will fit ALL iPhone models, even the Pro Max’s (including the new iPhone 13 as well). 

The housing will fit most flagship Android phones including Galaxy S10, S21, Google Pixel 3\4\5, as well as Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5g. Please always check your phone's dimensions at www.gsmarena.com.